U-Power Group considers it a priority to maintain a constant and strong relationship with all its stakeholders. A relationship based on active involvement and continuous dialogue is an expression of the responsibility of the Group towards the social context with which it interacts.

Stakeholders represent a wide range of different interests: establishing and maintaining stable and lasting relationships is a crucial element for the creation of shared and long-term values.

The starting point for setting up an effective engagement process is to promptly identify your stakeholders and organize the most effective channels, constantly monitoring expectations, needs and opinions.

The Group pursues a proactive approach towards the plurality of interlocutors with whom it constantly relates in the world, promoting constant dialogue and acknowledging their needs.

The following table illustrates the list of stakeholders involved along the value chain, the main expectations and the related methods of engagement.
Product Design and Development Competitor
  • Involvement in initiatives and analysis activities on the development of the sector for the definition of any common strategies
  • Implementation of legal and transparent business models and open strategies
  • Full respect for free competition
  • Partnership
  • Collaboration with industry and trade association
  • Participation in technical workshops
  • Direct meetings
Regulatory and Control Entities
  • Accession and Compliance with rules and regulations
  • Participation in setting standards/guidelines
  • Dialogue with the institutions and participation in working groups
  • Regular consultation and joint projects, certification audits
Supplyings Semi-finished Manufacturers
  • Timely and correct compliance with the contractual conditions
  • Continuity in supply requests
  • Possibility of developing strategic partnerships
  • Direct meetings
  • On-site visits
  • Partnership
  • Comparisons at the definition stage
  • Continuous relationships with the purchasing function
Providers of Goods and Services
  • Timely and correct compliance with the contractual conditions
  • Continuity in supply requests
  • Possibility of developing strategic Partnerships
  • Direct meetings and on-site visits
  • Partnership
  • Comparisons in the definition of contracts
  • Continuous relationships with the purchasing function
Production, quality control Employees and External Collaborators
  • Respect for workers' rights
  • Protecting health and safety at work
  • Be adequately trained for skills development and for personal growth
  • Area meeting
  • Visits to points of sale
  • Internal communication
  • Objectives and Target definition
  • Engagement activities
  • Sharing of informal feedback
  • Training and integration programmes for new recruits
Category associations Collaboration, inclusion and participation in activities and programmes
  • Active participation in local and international associations
  • Sharing Best Practices with industry associations
Trade unions Transparency and cooperation
  • Open and ongoing dialogues
  • Regular meetings
  • Definition of initiatives and joint projects
Capital Providers Transparency and timely and comprehensive information sharing
  • Continuous and transparent dialogue with the financial community
  • Sharing information through press releases and regular meetings
Communication Investors and analysts (traditional and sustainability)
  • Consolidation and strengthening of the Group’s knowledge and business model
  • Value creation (return on investment and business sustainability)
  • Transparent and responsible management
  • Timeliness and willingness to dialogue
  • Appropriate risk management including socially responsible risks
  • Shareholders meeting
  • Conference-call or regular meetings following relevant communications
  • Communications and price-sensitive informations
  • Industry seminars and conferences
  • Roadshow and meetings
  • Daily dialogue (meetings, telephone, e-mail)
  • Institutional website
  • Communication of news, programs, activities, initiatives
  • Transparent and truthful communication
  • Meetings with representatives of local organisations, local communities and associations
Local communities
  • Contributing to the creation of value for the territory
  • Have an open dialogue
  • Be transparent and provide information on social, environmental and economic issues
  • Press releases
  • Social channels
  • Sponsorship
  • Television advertisements
  • Conferences
  • Interviews
Sales End-users
  • Products improvement
  • Continuous innovation and maximum product quality
  • Ability to respond to specific needs for each type of customer and user
  • Possibility of contact and communication between company and customer
  • Direct and ongoing relationships with sales staff
  • Customer service
  • Market analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Satisfaction analysis
  • Website
Big retailers
Big direct customers