In its sales process, U-Power Group relies on a sales network made up of agents and sub-agents that has significantly expanded in all key countries (Italy, France, Germany, Spain and UK), as well as a marketing policy and communication aimed at generating a strong interest in consumers and at supporting retailers in their sales activities.

Currently, the Group has more than 70 associates, of whom 30 are agents with a portfolio of approximately 150 customers/each, including distributors and resellers with an average monthly visit frequency; all customers receive at least one visit per year.

The marketing and advertising communication strategy aims not only to increase demand, but also to make the prestige of the Group’s brands grow without, however, inflating them through excessive leveraging.

The success of the brands derives, in fact, both from tangible characteristics like product quality and design, and from intangible ones, such as the ability to communicate with target customers with a message of exclusivity, tradition and belonging to the reference group.

The advertising campaigns aim to underscore the characteristics of products and brands, maintaining a consistent and recognisable line in the planning of the entire gamut of advertising activities, in order to maximise the prestige of the brands towards customers and end consumers.

In Italy, the Group’s advertising campaigns began about a year earlier than in other countries, in which there is still ample room for increasing brand awareness.

The Group’s advertising communication takes place through television sponsorship campaigns, on social media and other digital information channels, and by the sponsorships of sports clubs as a deliberate choice that is deemed suitable for conveying the corporate communication philosophy.

The content of campaigns and their monitoring, mainly outsourced to specialised companies, are carefully evaluated in order to maintain a common thread over the different seasons, so as to allow public to connect them to the Group and recognise its philosophy.

The Group generally conducts about two advertising campaigns a year for each target country, i.e. in the countries in which it intends to launch or expand the marketing of its products, supported by targeted direct marketing initiatives to support customers through assembly at their points of sale of corners dedicated to the Group’s products, with specific activities both for the launch of new products or the opening of new markets.