Dear stakeholders, in all my enterprises I have always believed that our actions, the goals we set ourselves and
how we reach them tell of the contribution we want to give with our work.

U-Power Group was founded with the aim of becoming the most authentic and trusted reference point for the safety of workers, thus contributing to improving the quality of life of people through safe, comfortable and innovative protective equipment with a distinctive design. A future-oriented disposition and the continuous desire to grow and improve have made us an international organization and a market leader. A result for which I want to thank, first and foremost, all U-Power's employees and collaborators.

At the same time, our Group has embarked on a path of increasingly greater commitment to the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility, aware of the opportunities that can derive from them to express economic growth and profit, but at the same time also to generate value for all stakeholders in terms of health, quality of life, culture and innovation.

We have thus come to the publication of our first Sustainability Report, an expression of all our commitments and goals. This document represents for us the first step towards a path of awareness of our social and environmental impacts, as well as a tool to define and communicate the Group's strategy for improvement and sustainable growth.

The year 2020, characterized by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, was an important one for us. It tells a lot about our commitment to protect the health and safety of employees and to integrate sustainability in the way we work. We are aware that the responsible use of resources is very important: in the last year, we have also started the design and production of the first range of "green" footwear based on the use of materials with reduced environmental impact and on the offsetting of CO2 emissions related to its production.

Finally, as a further step towards the creation of value for all our stakeholders, we have embarked on a path to define an increasingly strategic approach to sustainability issues. This choice is the result of the strategic vision of the Group that, in the coming years, intends to commit to the integration of social and environmental impact objectives into its business model. The road taken is well-defined, but we are aware that much remains to be done. We will continue to use energy, humility and commitment to live up to it.

And it is with these premises that I wish you a good reading.

Pier Franco Uzzeni President U-Power Group